Holiday Candle Centerpieces & Wreaths For Sale

The MHS Horticulture classes are creating Holiday Candle Centerpieces containing Christmas greens and holiday decorations.  1-candle centerpieces are $18 plus tax and 2-candle centerpieces are $24 plus tax.  These make great gifts and can last for a couple of months if watered regularly.

Need a wreath for your door? MHS Horticulture students have made artificial wreaths you can use each year AND mixed evergreen wreaths which will last the season. Prices range from $12 – $22 each.

We will deliver orders to MHS, Middletown MS, Middletown ES, Middletown PS, Myersville ES, Wolfsville ES and Central Office as soon as we complete them.

Click Here To Order

1 Candle Centerpiece

2 Candle Centerpiece

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