Winter Strawberry and Citrus Sale

The Middletown High School FFA chapter is proud to announce the Winter Strawberry and Citrus Sale! The strawberries will be ripe and delicious straight from Florida. A quart costs $4,  1/2 flat (4 quarts) costs $14 and a flat (8 quarts) is $25. Orders are due by February 24th and the pick up date will be the week of March 12th in the ag shop. We will contact you with the exact due date.

We are also selling citrus with the strawberries.  We have Temple oranges (sweet, easy to peel), Valencia oranges (easy squeezing or hand eating) and red grapefruit for $21 a case, $11 for a 1/2 case and $6 for a 1/4 case.  Honey tangerines are available in a 1/2 case for $19 and 1/4 case for $10.  Mixed Citrus (valencia and grapefruit) and Citrus Trio (tangerines, grapefruit and oranges) are both available in 1/2 case for $19. Call Sarah Shriner at 240-236-7494 with any questions.

Place your order here

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